Health Data Dump, 2021

I have an Apple Watch that collects a lot of my personal health data. But… it doesn’t use make very good use of it and doesn’t let me export it outside of the Apple universe for my own analysis. So, this post will be the start of a yearly series that collates and analysis said… Read More »

Book Review: Project Hail Mary (Weir 2021)

Title: Project Hail Mary Author: Andy Weir Year: 2021 Difficulty: Easy. TLDR: Recommended, exciting but juvenile science fiction. Hail Mary was fun and exciting throughout; once I picked it up, I only put it down to eat and sleep. While a true to life science fiction novel can be a daunting prospect – for author… Read More »

Research Review: The Use of Knowledge in Society (Hayek 1945)

Title: The Use of Knowledge in Society Author: F.A. Hayek Year: 1945 Difficulty: Moderate, a conceptual understanding of economics required. TLDR: Must read. A mind blowing prose on information, prices, and the development of civilization! The central economic question asks: what is the best use of the available means? And branches of economics suggest that… Read More »

Post of Potential Posts: Nov 2021

This post of potential posts is an ’80/20′ on the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of posts! Basically, it is a list of topics that I am currently learning about, also planning to post about, but haven’t because I have horrible time management. This post of potential posts also serves as a way of: (a) incentivising myself to… Read More »

Book Review: Humans (Stanton 2020)

Title: Humans Author: Brandon Stanton Year: 2020 Difficulty: Picture book TLDR: Recommended. Humans delivers a masterclass in empathy. I don’t think I have ever cried during the first minute of reading a book. But, Humans had me crying after the first two pages. The power, emotion, and authenticity of the first two stories was so… Read More »

Running a Marathon

I have always wanted to run a marathon, although, I am not entirely sure why. If I had to speculate about my motivation, it would likely be some combination of: (a) I was getting fat and wanted to get fitter, (b) my friends and family didn’t think I could, and (c) being ‘locked-down’ due to… Read More »

2020 Honours Thesis Reflections

During 2020 I completed my Honours Thesis and was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority. While I did achieve the coveted ‘First Class’ grade, my research was by no means perfect. Now that the psychological trauma of year is behind me, I thought… Read More »

Assessing UWA’s Financial Performance

UWA is currently undertaking a process of structural reform that involves the dismissal of both staff and entire schools. I was hired by the UWA Academic Staff Association to independently assess UWA’s financial problems and present my findings in an easily digestible manner. My various reports, presentation, and workings are linked below below: TLDR version… Read More »