Assessing UWA’s Financial Performance

By | August 5, 2021

UWA is currently undertaking a process of structural reform that involves the dismissal of both staff and entire schools. I was hired by the UWA Academic Staff Association to independently assess UWA’s financial problems and present my findings in an easily digestible manner. My various reports, presentation, and workings are linked below below:

  • TLDR version I wrote for UWA’s Pelican Magazine is available here (also the most recent version).
  • The larger version of the report is available here.
  • The data and workings are available here.
  • A recording of my presentation to the UWA Staff Association is available here and includes some lively commentary from UWA’s CFO and Senators.
  • The case for UWA’s structural reform is discussed by the Vice Chancellor here.

Quite funnily – and rightfully – an MIT physicist said UWA’s performance metrics could be interpreted as random motion with large error bars rather than worsening performance… an excellent microcosm for the wider finance industry I think!

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